Moose bistrot: seafood restaurant

Moose bistrot: seafood restaurant

Are you looking for a particular restaurant, with a design and a “vintage” air? A location that stands out distinctly from the others, for both furnishings and menu? Book at the MOOSE bistrot!

The MOOSE style will impress you: a traditional wooden décor in an historic building in Ostia… imagine a mountain style pub-restaurant in a seaside resort … original, right?

MOOSE bistrot is the Ostia Lido’s seafood restaurant specialized in fish dishes.


MOOSE bistrot in an historic building

MOOSE bistrot is located in Ostia Lido, inside the historic building of Via della Marina, 41 close to Anco Marzio Square and about 200 metres from the pier.

The historic red building is one of the most representative houses of Ostia Lido: a place survived the events, where time seems to have stopped.

The building, with an unmistakable Pompei red color, was born as an hotel. It houses the “Sirena” boarding house (visible in the 1920s photo of “Roma Sparita”), a place where Rome’s lovers could stay for a holiday.